Mistress HIBIKI

HIBIKI is a Japanese mistress living in Japan moving into action all over the world. 

Graceful personality peculiar to a Japanese and the cool manner like the samurai who sometimes shows it attract slaves of the world

My philosophy is SM is ultimate love.

You will find delight at time beyond a pain and the pain.

HIBIKI does the show as an SM performer at home and abroad. The show is popular all over the world saying that it is gorgeous and is fantastic.

It may become the thing disturbing the concept of your SM show.

When you are interested in HIBIKI’s show, please contact me by Web Site and an e-mail willingly I take it from an absolutely private show to large-scale club scene.

In addition, an owner of SM show BAR “‘h”,and SM club “absolute”, the producer of the SM video, a fetiche model,  the actress last, too



SM Club Absolute

SM Show Bar ‘h’

Bondage Restaurant HotCats


Regina Absolute” Movie

Absolute Bazzar” Fetish Fashion

De La Fetish” Fetish Party


HIBIKI performs glamorous and strong “Rope Bondage” shows in around the world.

She has received a critical acclaim for her performances.


「The Woman Who Fights is Beautiful」

「SM QueenRoad Vol.05」

「SM QueenRoad Vol.14」

「Collective session Vol.01」

「Beauty and the Bondage Vol.06」

「A love representation called training」

「Collective session 4hour」

「mistress HIBIKI BEST」

「mistressHIBIKI teach BDSM session to lesbian slave」

「The door to SM・ Slave Nina」

「Collective mistress Femdom VS tiny man」

「the one day of SM life」

「the training of useless pigs」


「Abnomal Pony Race」

「Mistress HIBIKI in the OWK」

*These films are the work of OWK cinema Czech

I’m the first “Japanese Mistress” of the OWK cinema






<Domestic product>

「SM sniper EVE22」

「SM snipe rEVE29」


<World product>

「MassaD issue 266」

「Latex ENVY issue 03」

「Von GUTENBERG issue 09」

「Bedeseme Mag Issue 41」


Dx KABUKITYOU SM Festival(Tokyo, Japan)

Fetish Weekend(Essen, Germany)

Demonia(Paris, France)

WestLand(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Dominatorix(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Euro Perve(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

OWK (Czech Republic)

Torture Garden(London, England)

FetishWeekend Montreal (Montreal, Canada)

Fetish Factory(Florida, America)

Hellfire(sydney, Australia)