Session Q&A

1. Mistress, how long are the sessions & what are your fees/charges (tribute)?
Session length starts from 60 mins – 90,120,150,180 & 210 mins and so on.
60 mins 200 EUR.
The session tribute depends on the mistress chosen and how long you will serve her.

2. Mistress I want you to come and see me. What’s involve here?
For sessions outside the prefecture and overseas, all travel and accommodation costs are to be paid for by the client. Note: For overseas sessions, a Skype counselling session is to be arranged, at least 1 week prior, with 50% to be paid for in advance.

3. How do I give the tribute?
Payment is only by cash and PayPal.

4. I’m an Absolute Beginner, unsure what to try and how far to go. What should I do?
BDSM is enjoyed on many different levels. We will listen carefully to what you have in mind. You will experience a new type of joy as we explore various levels of pain, teasing and play. If you just want to talk, that’s ok too!

5. May I see Mistress nude and am I allowed to touch her intimately?
Unfortunately for health reasons, Mistress never allows intimate kissing on her lips or fellatio (pussy licking). Mistress is dignified and classy. Mistress never plays with her submissive topless or naked. Please refrain from asking her to engage in any such behaviour.

6. What type of costumes and role play can I ask for?
Mistress has a large selection of costumes and should be able to meet most requests. Mistress loves to perform many types of role plays. Simply relax and tell Mistress the details of what your fantasies are. Tell her about your own costumes and toys you have or would like Mistress to arrange for you.